Natural-Born Nouns

There’s a word for everything, and that fact fills me with joy.Lots of Leaves  For instance, there are names for all sorts of leaf shapes.  Leaf shapes you didn’t even know existed!  Check out this diagram.  My favorite one is the “lyrate” leaf—that is, shaped like a lyre.  “Abruptly pinnate” and “fiddle-shaped” are pretty great too.

The names for these shapes are: (1) needle-shaped, (2) linear, (3) lanceolate, (4) elliptical, (5) ensiform, (6) oblong, (7) oblanceolate with acuminate tip, (8) ovate with acute tip, (9) obovate, (10) spatulate, (11) fiddle-shaped, (12) cuneate, (13) deltoid, (14) cordate, (15) reniform, (16) orbiculate, (17) runcinate, (18) lyrate, (19) peltate, (20) hastate, (21) sagittate, (22) odd-pinnate, (23) abruptly pinnate, (24) trifoliolate, (26) palmate.

Note that my original source, Webster’s, not I, left out 25.


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