Why Even Editors Need Editors

Perhaps the most annoying mistakes are the ones we ourselves are prone to.  Oddly, using “hear” in the place of “here” is one of my unconsciousness’s favorites.  My fingers seem to like to type “Tjeresa” instead of “Theresa,” which is a problem when that’s your name!  And, sin of sins, I’ve committed “your” instead of “you’re,” and vice versa—in professional correspondence, so less.  Horrors!

What are your guilty secrets?


2 thoughts on “Why Even Editors Need Editors

  1. Oooh, I have definitely used “complimentary” when I meant “complementary,” and I am a serial abuser of the comma. I really wish I had a comma fairy who would follow me around and delete my needless commas. Re-reading my old work always involves at least two comma-induced cringes per page. Sigh.

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