Grammar Nazis 1

Welcome to a new series: humor about grammar nazis.  More soon!

That Mitchell and Webb Look is one of my favorite British shows.  Here’s their take on the bad end that grammar nazis must always come to.

And, before you ask, nonliteral or metaphorical references to political organizations do not require capital letters (CMoS 8.65).


2 thoughts on “Grammar Nazis 1

  1. I’ll come clean. Years ago, I used to be a grammar Nazi. Now, unless someone specifically asks me (or hires me!) to critique, proofread, or edit, I’m hands off. And I never correct people on FB or social networking. None of us is perfect, and we are all in a hurry. Mistakes happen.

  2. What I think is so great about this sketch is that is plays on the internal pressure that grammar Nazi-hood creates. It’s impossible to demand perfection from others when you can’t do it yourself, and since no one is perfect, that leaves grammar nazis (including me, at times) in a bit of a pickle.

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