I Can While Away the Hours: Time-Wasters for Word Lovers

Instead of confirming with the flowers and consulting with the rain, why don’t you play a word game?

If you need an ego boost, start out with the LA Times daily crossword.  Evidently the skill level has been adjusted for the more laid-back West Coast mentality.

If you’re ready to get readdicted, try Freerice.  This is an oldie but goodie that also raises funds to feed the hungry.  It also has a surprisingly absorbing Wikipedia page.  And, excitingly, they’ve added new subjects!  So now you can quiz yourself on foreign languages, human anatomy, and even the SAT.

If you haven’t already, check out the roster of free word games at the Merriam-Webster site.  Their game of the day rotates regularly, and it’s often charmingly unsophisticated (in terms of design, if not vocabulary).  They have over twenty other games that are available every day, though.  My favorite is Fowl Words, which features amusingly fussy hens laying eggs with letters on them.  If you change your mind about a letter and press the backspace button, the egg goes shooting back into the hen (who emits an alarmed squawk).


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