It’s Dirty Books Week!

Why is this on Ugliest Tattoos? This may literally be the coolest tattoo in the world.

Ok, technically it’s Banned Books Week, but it wouldn’t be worth banning if it weren’t filth, right?  Wallow in it by seeking out your own local celebrations of the forbidden.  Every year, local organizations sponsor “read-outs” of currently or previously banned books of all stripes.  If you’re a fellow Chicagoan, please consider joining me at Shimer College’s read-out; if not, consider one of the events in this voluminous directory.  If you’re far from the nearest read-out but want to be part of the community of filth, consider making a video for the Virtual Read-Out, which will have its own dedicated YouTube channel.  You’ll be famous!  Among total nerds, that is, but those are really the only people worth impressing anyhow.

Banned Books Week: quite possibly your only chance all year to look badass while reading My Mom’s Having A Baby! A Kid’s Month-by-Month Guide to Pregnancy.


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