Synergize Your Vocabulary!


Businessmen (Photo credit: Voxphoto)

Does corporate jargon get on your nerves?  You’re not alone.  Even the folks of Forbes hate it, too.  They held an online contest to determine one very special thing: the most meaningless and irritating business–speak term in the world.  Here’s the result, presented as a March Madness–style bracket.  Though I decry the exclusion of synergize from the competition—I would argue it’s the classic example of this irritating problem—I can’t help agree with the final results.  Spoiler alert: neither “bleeding edge” nor “giving 110%” win.  Also, I feel I should warn you—follow the link, and you might end up wishing that businessmen were as nonverbal in real life as the business card–sniffing stuffed shirts in this classic Kids in the Hall Sketch.

What do you think, audience?  Is corporate jargon really as obfuscating as Forbes argues?  Or is this simply an example of yet another subculture’s language system being unfairly ghettoized?


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