A Love Poem in an Endnote

Erin Moure

Erin Moure (Photo credit: pesbo)

I recently discovered a poem Erín Moure titled “an endnote and love song:” that plays with endnotes, Shakespearean sonnets, and form in a most surprising way.  While the piece is lovable for its sentiment alone, it takes the heart of an editor to love it for its reference to references.  I’m hoping you enjoy it as much as I did.


SAUNA 89 (sweated by В. Шекспір)

1. And if you were to leave me for my faults
2. I’d not defend my lameness, walking halt
3. and from my trust I would elide your
4. name, I would not do you wrong and speak of you
5. and (love) I’d not look at our friends who say you do
6. not merit me Your name was sweet and is no more
7. I will not speak of you
8. nor will I walk again where we once walked
9. I will not let my tongue evoke your name.
10. Your name will not be named by me, lest I profane
11. I will not name you.
12. I will not speak (too much profane)
13. You gone, I could not love me more than you
14. and if you love me not at all I love me even less
15. But oh your name. It will not touch my mouth.

I will not ( trout ) name you.

Originally received as the Poem-A-Day from the Academy of American Poets on August 16, 2013.  It can be seen online here.


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